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Industry Experience


UBER ︎ Product design Intern

[July-Dec ‘23]

Enhanced Chargeback Communication

UberEats - Merchant Team

Interned at Uber with UberEats Merchant Trust team, worked on improving merchant trust and transparency, and gained full product development experience.

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Datalekt ︎ Product Design Consultant

[Jan-April ‘23]

User Management Application

Datalekt App

Worked on a restaurant and customer management platform from end-to-end as a product designer, platform currently code complete and in testing phase.

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Capital Attack ︎ Product Design Consultant

[Nov-Dec ‘23]

AI powered Voice Agent

Worked on a creating a platform for setup, managing and functioning of voice based agent SaaS product as a product designer, platform currently in development.

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Shadcn/ui ︎ Design System Expert

[Dec ‘23-Current]

Design System Revamp


Currently revamping a one of the biggest open-source React component library, integrating Figma variables for streamlined design mockups and improved design-developer collaboration.

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Academic Projects


Academic ︎ 6 weeks


Career Guidance Platform - Product Design

An acadamic project at NID which aims to create a Career Guidance Platform for students to discover career possibilities and encourage exploration.

Case Study - UX Research ︎  

Case Study - UI Design ︎

Academic ︎ 8 weeks

Tower of Consumerism

Systems Design

An acadamic systems design project exploring the intricate relationship between consumerism, environmental sustainability, and social inequality to propose innovative solutions.

Website ︎︎︎

Academic ︎ 4 weeks

Vitthal & Varkari

Cultural Documentation

Open Project ︎

Prototype ︎︎︎

Work for NID:

Academic ︎ 2 weeks

NID Student Portfolio

UI/UX Redesign

WIP Site ︎︎︎

Academic ︎ 2 weeks

NID 42nd Convo. Site

Web Design & Development

Live Site ︎︎︎

Website Design & Development


Client ︎ 16 weeks


Website & Visual Identity

Open Project ︎  

Live Site ︎︎︎

Client ︎ 16 weeks


Web Design & Dev

Open Project ︎

Live Site ︎︎︎

Client ︎ 5 weeks

Ananth Diamonds

Website & Visual Identity

Live Site ︎︎︎

Client ︎ 4 weeks

Tesseract  Square

Website & Visual Identity

Live Site ︎︎︎

Personal ︎ 4 weeks

ML22 - Portfolio Site

Web Design & Dev

Live Site ︎︎︎

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Data / Information Design


Academic ︎ 3 weeks

Atomic India

A visual and educational guide of India's energy prospects
This project aims to visualize and educate people on India's energy prospects, especially nuclear energy, and its impact on the environment and society.

Website ︎︎︎

Choosing your beginner IEM’s

Narrative data visualization

Open Project ︎

Spotify Music History

Tangible data visualization

Open Project ︎


Data Selfie  

Information visualization

Open Project ︎

NID - Sem 1

Curated Work

Open Project ︎

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