I strive to create and highlight important narratives through
digital design, websites, and research projects.

a personal initiative...
Primarily a blog where I document my design experience & stories in

product design, digital design, systemic thinking in design, etc.

but want this project to be so much more...

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Some examples of blogs here:  

Beyond Pixels: My Uber Internship Journey

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Designing the Right Product: A Product Designer's Perspective on Digital Product Development.

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A initiative that breaks the norms, both in design & development.
Helping people to get started with 

creative coding - 3D, AR/VR, web design & development

Over 1000 subscribers on Youtube & 90k post interactions on soials in just 9 months

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Tu2 - is my producer alias


I follow a structured process to turn my creative ideas into reality. I begin by conducting research and gathering inspiration to inform my designs.

Through experimentation and brainstorming, I explore different approaches and techniques to bring my ideas to life. During the development phase, I test my designs and incorporate feedback to ensure they meet the highest standards. Once I'm satisfied with the results, I implement the final design and continue to iterate and improve as needed.

  1. Explore Stuff

  2. Get Inspired

  3. Learn How To Make It

  4. Brainstorming & Experimentation

  5. Design ± Development

  6. Testing & Feedback

  7. Improve & Implement

Check out more work:

Academic ︎ 6 weeks


Career Guidance Platform - Product Design

An acadamic project at NID which aims to create a Career Guidance Platform for students to discover career possibilities and encourage exploration.

Case Study - UX Research ︎  

Case Study - UI Design ︎

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